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Shop The Gossip Girl She maxed out on FB friends way back in 2008, and her "Did you hear..." attitude makes you suspect your secrets are never quite safe with her. Luckily, she saves the juiciest details just for you. Shop The Crazy Cat Lady Okay, so her claim to fame might be her viral cat pinboard, and yes, that's Mrs. Whiskers dining on Fancy Feast while she's nomin' on ramen. There's no replacement for this heart-of-gold gal who loves every creature, big or small. Shop The Loud Mouth This spotlight-loving lady's voice is music to her own ears -- and OMG, she never ever shuts up. Still, when the you-know-what hits the fan, she's the first to have your back. Shop The Southern Belle A princess whose drawl is as thick as her makeup, she never leaves home without her pageant smile, even if it's slathered in Vaseline. It's obvious, though, that this girl's got MVP status in the dating game, and she shares her secret plays. Shop The Go Getter She has 10 things to add to her to-do list -- if she could only find it -- and she's always at least three shots of espresso in. Fortunately, she's the first to put that all aside to help a girlfriend out. Shop The Lady (not the tramp) This beauty keeps up with the classics, not the Kardashians, so don't count on her to know the latest trends. Yet it's a given her closet is always open when you need to borrow the perfect timeless piece. Shop The Wannabe Hippie She attends peace rallies, only eats organic vegan, and already has tickets to next year's Bonnaroo. But she's an inspiring picture of someone who stays true to what she believes. Shop The Wallflower For this introspective girl, the books she carries often outnumber the words she speaks. You know she'd rather stay home than go out any day, but when you need her, her listening ear and intelligent wit make her the perfect Dear Abby. Shop The Little Miss Sunshine This boundless bundle of warm fuzzies and hugs is so perky you're convinced she's got pixie dust running through her veins. But when you need a great pick-me-up, she's your girl.