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  • Paris Plaid Tote
    Paris Plaid Tote

    List Price: $140.00 (Save 71%)

    ON SALE $40.46

  • Carson Carry-All Satchel
    Carson Carry-All Satchel

    List Price: $130.00 (Save 81%)

    ON SALE $24.71

  • Tabitha Zipper Tote
    Tabitha Zipper Tote

    List Price: $110.00 (Save 70%)

    ON SALE $32.95

  • Kat Hobo
    Kat Hobo

    List Price: $100.00 (Save 62%)

    ON SALE $38.47

  • Liz Exotic Croc Tote
    Liz Exotic Croc Tote

    List Price: $120.00 (Save 58%)


  • Jayden Messenger Bag
    Jayden Messenger Bag

    List Price: $100.00 (Save 60%)


  • Metallic Zebra Weekender
    Metallic Zebra Weekender

    List Price: $145.00 (Save 48%)

    ON SALE $74.87

  • Dani Structured Tote
    Dani Structured Tote

    List Price: $102.50 (Save 40%)


  • Nora Studded Hobo
    Nora Studded Hobo

    List Price: $93.00 (Save 40%)


  • Gallery Tote Bag
    Gallery Tote Bag

    List Price: $130.00 (Save 54%)


  • Skylar Zig Zag Weekender Duffel
    Skylar Zig Zag Weekender Duffel

    List Price: $140.00 (Save 61%)


  • Striped Canvas Weekender Tote
    Striped Canvas Weekender Tote

    List Price: $160.00 (Save 81%)


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12 Item(s)

X-Large Handbags

If you are one of those gals who loves to carry her whole day with her, then an X-Large bag is for you! All of our X-Large styles generally measure 18" or more in length. These styles can be weekenders, totes, or oversized hobos and satchels. An X-Large bag can typically hold your wallet, phone, a water bottle, book, and a sweater at the very least. Some of our largest styles can even fit a weekend's worth of essentials.

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