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What’s Your Wallet?

It’s no longer about what’s in your wallet. Now the craze is what kind of wallet. Are you the basic women’s wallet? Do you use flat push clasp wallets? Do you need a checkbook wallet? A wristlet?

Whatever wallet darning type of woman you are, be sure your wallet fits your needs. I am a person of pockets. I love staying organized and knowing where everything is and goes. If you’re the type of person whose wallet generally takes all the heat, as in gets beat up, dropped, spilled on, etc. then the flat push clasp is probably for you.  Whatever your need, there’s a wallet for you.  Here’s which and why:

  • Basic Women’s Wallet – This, non-particular termed gem is your stereotypical women’s wallet.  It has a space for your license, credit cards, change, cash and other odds and ends.  It’s generally bulkier but holds all you find necessary in a wallet.  These wallets are usually well organized and are most appropriate for those who desire function over fashion.
  • Flat Push Clasp Wallet – This durable wallet is completely encased, flat on both sides and has one push clasp at the top which opens and locks the wallet.  This particular wallet doesn’t hold more than cash, some change and your credit cards.  It can be very organized, but does not hold the bulk of your basic women’s wallet.  This wallet is extremely durable and is recommended for the “I beat my wallet!” type women.
  • Checkbook Wallet – This wallet is pretty self explanatory.  It holds your checkbook, and everything else.  This is generally the bulkiest of women’s wallets, but it keeps your cash, change credit cards, license AND checkbook all in the same place. This is for the women who likes keeping all of her birds in one basket.
  • Wristlet – This purse/wallet it extremely tiny. It usually holds no more than your license, a few credit cards and cash.  This wallet is also adorned with a small strap or loop that slips around your wrist, in turn holding the purse in place. (Hence the name wristlet..) This wallet/purse is generally used for evening outs or other busy events that make carrying your everyday tote a hassle.

Basic Women’s Wallet

Flat Push Clasp Wallet

Checkbook Wallet

A Wristlet

Well there you have it…the basic wallet-lingo break down.  Do remember that every wallet is made of different material and can therefore be more or less durable and/or fashionable.  A wallet should be a complement to your purse and your style. Choose wisely ladies.

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