What Makes an Eco-Friendly Handbag?

Eco-friendly bag made from recycled materialThese days green is the color on everyone’s mind. Protecting our planet is becoming a priority, from hybrid cars to energy-saving appliances and handbag production is no exception. Even the cast of Sex and the City 2 is getting in on the action!

What does it mean to be green?
Living green means taking the environment into consideration on a daily basis. There are numerous ways you can go green and help reduce the damage we are causing to the earth. It can be as easy as saving paper by setting up your printer to print double-sided or buying an eco-friendly handbag. The ways to go green are endless.


What makes a handbag eco-friendly?
Eco-friendly handbags are ones that cause minimal or no harm to the environment in their creation. This includes bags made from organic cotton and recycled materials.



What is a vegan handbag?
A bag is considered vegan if there were absolutely no animal products used in its construction. This means no suede, wool, silk or leather, but it also means no animal-based or tested glues. Vegan handbags are made from alternative animal-friendly, cruelty-free materials.


Vegan Clutch

The Columbus Clutch is a vegan option from Handbag Heaven

What are some examples of vegan materials?

  • Organic fabrics, such as cotton
  • Straw
  • Microfibers
  • Pleather
  • Recycled PET


How can I be green with my bag usage?
Purchasing an eco-friendly or vegan bag is a great way to start but why stop there? Bring your own bags to the grocery store to cut down on the usage of paper and plastic bags.


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