Weekly Blogosphere Roundup 6

Quick week, everyone.  At least, I felt like it was.  Some interesting things to ponder:

tiny terrors

mini moguls

. There are some people I can do without, but some just make me smile every time I see them.  Especially when they’re so widdle, yet powerful!  Really though, their utter lack of fear of dressing however they want is inspirational.  And I don’t care if that sounds corny.

. Bloggers are movin’ on up.  It’s all kind of hush-hush, but Vogue is rumored to be doing a feature (second story down) on some prominent fashion bloggers in an upcoming issue.  Pretty cool to have Anna and the Voguettes embracing what some would consider the opponent to print mags.

. Thank goodness I bought those turquoise stilettos about two months ago.  Turns out, turquoise is the color for 2010.  I’m slightly surprised, but am completely okay with the assertion made by Pantone.  Done correctly, turquoise is a fantastic pop of color, and I really am excited for the revival.

That’s all we’ve got, girls.  Rule your weekends.

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