Weekly Blogosphere Roundup 26

Impossible Heels. When fashion functions as art first, it’s easy for the “beauty” to be lost on many people.  But I think most can agree these shoes are pretty, well… pretty.  Maybe not.  At least, I think they are.

You’ve got something on your… I’m a firm believer that one’s hair should not draw attention to itself with anything other than its natural beauty.  Unnatural coloring, sophomore-year-homecoming spiral curl tendrils, overly sensitive up-dos: all too much.  Particularly when one’s purpose for wearing clothes to showcase them, distracting hairdos do just that: distract.  Maybe I just don’t understand.  But those tarantula-esque hair pieces aren’t doing it for me.

tiny girl...or huge bicycle?

Street Accessories. There’s something intriguing about a city packed with people unafraid to dress as they wish.  Through my growing obsession with finding street-style blogs, I came across a new city of interest: Copenhagen.  Enjoy.

Delightfully Tacky. As a soulless ginger myself, I have a natural attraction to others of my species.  A blogger just brought to my attention may or may not be a natural redhead, but she pulls it off well for me to be semi-in-love.  Plus, she was just named a “Blogger of the Moment” by ModCloth, so you know she’s cool.

Jellyfish. Sometimes, you see a piece of clothing that is different enough to stop you.  Whether it’s the most ridiculous design you’ve ever seen, you can picture it becoming your favorite new piece, or it’s a unique enough to be a never-before-seen combination of the two, it’s a magical moment.  The first dress here is inexplicably special to me.

Daily Affirmation. When it comes to pumping myself up, I have to admit my shortcomings.  I’m just not very good at pulling myself out of a bad mood or getting excited for the start of a day, no matter the agenda.  However, I may have found my new technique.

Go have a great day, girls.

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