Weekly Blogosphere Roundup 25

So Artsy. Chrissy Styles is doing a post series in which she styles outfits inspired by artwork. When I saw this the Art History minor latent within me surged to the surface s and I was immediately hooked. I’ve always seen an inherent link between traditional art and fashion, so this literal interpretation excites me so much. Even if you’re not an art fanatic you’re sure to find this interesting.

Hot Legs. I don’t know if I’m alone here but I hadn’t heard the term “meggings,” a lovely combination of “men” and “leggings,” until I read Emerald Dandy’s post on the topic. My quality of life, however, increased a few notches immediately after the little vocab lesson. “Perhaps when you think about the idea of men in leggings you envision your doctor, your priest, or your accountant wearing tights…” This sentence made me equally happy and creeped out, which seems like a feat in itself and alone should be enough enticement to read his post.

Who Are You. I really love this post by Bachman’s Sparrow on fashion risk taking. She describes her own stroll down the never-ending road of personal style; her transit “from athletic clothes, to a wardrobe entirely comprised of PacSun wear, to California beach bum, to somewhere between retro/romantic/alternative now.” This impressively boiled-down list inspired my own attempt to classify my style journey…from Aéropostale/American Eagle/abercrombie (intentional lowercase “A” in reference to the brand’s kid’s line) lemming, to fiercely preppy, to fauxho (faux boho; I hadn’t really tapped into vintage yet), Olsens/punky/vintage/still preppy. (Could I be anymore convoluted?) Another interesting point is the probable difference between what you think you’re portraying (if you’re trying to portray anything) and how you actually come off the others. Gonna to have to do a follow-up post on this one at soon point. Stay tuned.

Final Countdown. First of all, I have an obsession with count-down clocks and this site happens to have one. Although by the time you read this, 365 Fashion Rehab’s hosts will likely have  completed their challenge of not spending on frivolous fashion for a year’s time. That’s quite a feat; I sincerely don’t think I could it. This last-day-of-the-challenge post details one author’s task of cleaning out and taking inventory of her closet – also a huge feat that I don’t know I could complete. Great read if you’re even contemplating the task.

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