Weekly Blogosphere Roundup 24

Supersuit. In honor of my five-hour stint with Iron Man and Iron Man 2 last night, I found some (to me) slightly similar-esque-ish items (I’m calling them suits) to that which the men wear in those movies.  No, they don’t blow things up, but I would probably feel like I could fly with some of that shoulder detailing.

Toughware. At what point does hardware become toughware?  When it is COVERED in zippers.  Or, at least, zipper pulls.  No, not even your sweet sweater is safe from the metal/embellishmentheads.  It’s the new hard rock.

black skinny model loose seams ana blocking


Barring the last look… Not everyone who takes a sewing class growing up is meant to be a designer.  In fact, sometimes, you need to realize that you are still creating pieces that look like they were drawn by a rainbow-loving nine-year-old.  Yes, the stitching is different; I get it.  But no one over 13 wants to wear your stuff.  I will take away your Crayola Markers.

Editor’s Note: The last look from the Ana Locking series is a completely different story.  That is perfection in outfit form.  This editor’s note is silly, because I’m really just writing a parenthetical statement in italics and making it look like it was written by, you know, an editor.

At what point does the line blur? I like big clutches.  I do.  And I have to admit that I am a fan of a decent-sized bag being carried as a clutch.  But I wonder where I would draw the line.  Structure has something to do with it.  As does the potential for ridiculing from those who don’t “get it.”

Fabric wizardry. I found a blog post with photos of some pretty amazing pieces.  The manipulation of fabric to make a garment is truly an art form and a masterpiece, when done by those with true talent.  The post is entitled “Fabric Wizardry,” and I can think of no better description for it.

Model dreams. Those glamazon girls stalking runways didn’t always want to mahdll.  (That’s “model” said in a fashion accent.  A fashksent.)  Check out a list of their childhood dreams before they realized they had four-foot-long legs and no fat to cover them.  My favorite: “‘When I was a little girl I wanted to become a princess.”

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