Weekly Blogosphere Roundup 23

Fashion News: This Weeks Best Style Blog PostsNever Have I Ever. Do you ever say never in your dressing philosophy? I have a vendetta against capris, for example. I’m not particularly gifted in stature and I think they make me look like a preteen. I can’t imagine coming across a desirable pair; I say never. Jenine at The Coveted says never to never, however. (three times fast..go!) Check out her clogs.

Foundation. This week, Lauren made a list of wardrobe necessities. She also vows to lay off purchasing accessories until the list of conquered. This is great lesson for us accessories-driven. When choosing between a fancy, embellishment-ridden frock and a simple-but-practical one, I have a habit of going for the former. I like shiny things.

Snobbery. Fashion in My Eyes delves into shoppers’ relationships with labels – people’s aversion to buying items with a lack of exoticness, to straying from the expensive, to diffusion lines. It’s in interesting thing what a little piece of paper or cloth can do to the psyche.

Week of Chic. I definitely do my thing in the vintage department; I’d say my closet consists of 1:4 ratio of vintage versus contemporary pieces, which is pretty respectable considering our current era of fast fashion (and the size of my closet). Style Symmetry is challenging her readers to dress in 100% vintage for five days straight. Just the preposition is quite inspiring. Could you do it?

Have a fierce weekend.

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