Weekly Blogosphere Roundup 20

I will admit, up front, this post is much more celebrity-gossip-focused than blog-focused.  But you can handle it.  Let me begin the name-dropping.

Rachel Zoe is one person whose closet I wouldn’t mind raiding.  That is, of course, if she were anywhere close to my size.  Though some of her oversized, drapey dresses could work.  I digress.  Her jewelry box, however: I could work with.  Having been obsessed with her since The Rachel Zoe Project debuted, I got overly giddy when I came across this video on a peek inside her jewelry collection.

Lindsay Lohan 6126 skirt shirt necklace croc high waisted

thumbs up, Lilo

Lauren Conrad is another mild obsession.  I really think she’s great.  Always have.  You know that beautiful hair of hers?  Yep, it’s extensions.  I was blown away.  They did a quality job, tricking America for this long.

Karl Lagerfeld has long touted his love of Diet Coke, inspiring fashion’s masses to resort to liquid lunches (not in the “traditional” sense), breakfasts, and dinners as a method of weight-loss.  So, Coke let him design a bottle in honor of himself.  I think it’s exciting.  “Go drink a bottle of yourself!”  Anyone?

Lindsay Lohan continues to design clothing, despite pretty harsh critics.  She can do no wrong by me (barring, of course, you know…that which puts her in rehab), so I am still a silent cheerleader, getting excited and proud when I see her work.  She’s expanding her leggings line to a full collection, and I’m a fan of a few pieces.  Here’s hoping.

J. Crew.  Alright, J. Crew’s a brand, but I’m talking about it anyway.  I love nearly everything about the brand, and I love catalogues.  Put them together, and Terryl is a happy camper.  Put socks and heels together, and we have a completely different story.  I don’t know what’s going on with the socks lately, but I am beginning to question the “vision” of this trend.

Sweatpants as daywear, I get, if, of course, you know what you’re doing.  But socks and heels?  I can’t get behind it.

Anyway, here’s a website dedicated to head designs for bald guys: you’re welcome.

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