Weekly Blogosphere Roundup 15

The sun is finally shining ’round here and my spirits are lifted. Even though this same sun still can’t manage to clear the frost from my window shield pre-work commute. And I do not appreciate using my scraper. It makes my fingers all red and indented. Then it creates that bothersome pool of melted-scraped-frost juice  on the floor of my passenger seat, which is pretty gross when you consider what could have embedded into the frost. You know, bugs or bird droppings or road kill.

What was I talking about?

I See London.
I, for one, am rather obcessed with with 1960’s style – my affinity for the mini know no bounds. Accordingly, if asked that annoying inquiry regarding with whom I’d most like to have dinner, dead or alive, my answer would undoubtedly include Mary Quant. I studied Miss Mary in a History of Fashion class in college and since, can’t get can’t learn enough about her. Karen at Bobbins and Bombshells gives us some insight on this hot pants-purveyor.

Let Them Eat Cake. It’s a certain staffer’s birthday today, which is what initially drew me to Amy’s post at Confessions of Fashion Editor. (Cake on the mind, I suppose.) However, upon doing some scrolling, it became clear that her topic relates more so to aesthetic style, not style of culinary persuasion. Read her review of a lovely little cake shop, where the treats are obviously too pretty to eat.

No Feet. Confession: I really like the idea of a maxi dress. Yes, I meant to include the words “idea of.” You see, I’m a fairly short specimen and have always categorized the style into my only-for-amazons grouping, which also includes ankle pants and calf-length skirts. However I’m seeing more and more evidence that disproves my theory. Exhibit A: Olsens. Exhibit B: this post on Ventures of Jenn, in which the stylish Jennifer displays some sartorial know-how, with maxis (Is the plural max-I, like fungi?) as her tool.

Batman. Like Gaga, though to a lesser degree, Rihanna’s fashion choices (or should I say Rihanna’s stylist’s fashion choices) are often love or hate. This kind of black and white sentiment is often a product of any fashion risk taker. This week, True Queen highlighted a look of Rihanna’s that lies in the Aves classification. And…I like it. There, I said it. *wraps hands over head, protectively*

Have a rockin’ weekend.

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