Weekly Blogosphere Roundup 14

Size. Matters.

Size. Matters.

Not fashion. These stop signs might actually make me come to a complete stop, as opposed to just rollin’ riiight on through those intersections.  No cop, no stop!

Not fashion either. Can you imagine shaking hands with a fake metal hand every time you opened your door?  That’d be awesome.

Great. Sometimes, models are really just used as a mode of transportation for a costume down the runway.  And that’s okay.  I just can’t imagine being too excited about living my life bound to an eating disorder to wear this.

Size zero seems unnecessary at that point.  It’s a shame bulimia doesn’t cause multiple heads instead of rotting teeth.  That would have been so. perfect. for that girl’s show.

Long, black veil. Finding sunnies tired lately?  Try on a veil for size.  You know, in case you want to look completely crazy.

Megalophobia. I am a megalophobe, which means I am afraid of things I feel are larger than they should be.  But I have yet to find a bag that is too big.  Even this wonderful work of art in Australia, is delightfully gigantic to me, not scarily so.

It reminds me of those race car beds they make for little kids.  How rad would it be if that opened up to a couch?  Gotta think big.

Fallen Princesses. I leave you with a completely gorgeous series of photos, depicting heroines of our childhood brought to real life.  It’s a little sad, but really interesting, I think.  Enjoy =)

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