Weekly Blogosphere Roundup 13

This week was a fab one, and as so, I’m going to stray bit a from the typical weekly roundup you know and love. I was fortunate enough to squeeze in a trip to NYC for a taste of Fashion Week and only experienced a total airplane delay period of one hour, whilst flying consecutively on the two snowiest days of the week. If that as a whole isn’t a marked success, what is?

My quick trip was entirely wrapped in my attendance of the Independent Fashion Blogger community Evolving Influence event , a conference for fashion bloggers to discuss the best practices, significance and future of fashion blogging. Though the biggest names in the fashion blogosphere spoke throughout the day, I arrived in time to catch “The Future of Blogging”, a panel featuring Susie Bubble of Style Bubble, Tavi Gevinson of Style Rookie, Bryanboy, Phil Oh of Street Peeper, and Britt Aboutaleb and Lauren Sherman of

Upon getting past the initial shock of seeing these quasi-icons in real life — an experience akin to seeing a unicorn — I could focus on the insightful words of speakers. Check here for my girl Julia’s live blog of the event and here for an in-depth overview of the conference via WWD.

Rather than words, let me present to you my experience in peekchas.

NYC 10 001

Rockin’ signage.

NYC 10 005

The event took place at the Helen Mills Theatre on West 26th.

NYC 10 002

The food was nearly as gorgeous as the attendees’ attire.

NYC 10 006

The event was sponsored in part by Couturious. I didn’t get the exact gist of the company’s function, but I gathered that it’s an invite-only web-based styling tool on which you can upload a pic of yourself and virtually try on clothes (in part, at least). See someone stepping into this virtual dress room above.

NYC 10 004

Fabulousity in motion.

NYC 10 008

The lovely Jennine of The Coveted was the mastermind behind the event, as well as IFB in general. As the founder, she was super excited about the great turnout. This was taken after we mutually balked at Scott Sherman and Garance Dore just feet away.

NYC 10 012

Last but obviously not least, here I am with Twitter-enthusiast, Bryan Boy. To say the least, everyone wanted a piece of this new-found celebrity — me included, of course.

The event was undoubtedly a success. I met several handfuls of haute bloggers, with whom we plan to work in the near future. Look for their guest posts here on the blog, as well as Handbag Heaven reviews sprinkled throughout this stylish sect of the blog world.

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    Thanks so much for the shout out! AND -love the pics!!! You and Bryanboy are an awesome duo! :)

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