Weekly Blogosphere Roundup 11

I’d like to kick things off this first February Friday (alliteration triple play!) with a literary transaction between my-coeditor and myself. Did you think the Snuggie represented the height of unnecessarily-ridiculous-looking-yet-strangely-desirable outerwear? So wrong you are.

Terryl: WANT: totes BTS (better than snuggie).
that is SO dope. also, going to start trying to incorporate BTS into daily speech.
ditto. I can think of, at least, 29 things OFF-HAND that are BTS.
me: well let’s hear ’em.
later.  don’t want to give it all away up front.
yeah, you wouldn’t want to be an info slut.
pshyah.  been called that before.

I See London. In other news, the Grammy Awards happened, as I’m sure you were unaware until just now. (You’re welcome.) What did you think of the ladies’ ensembles? I must say, Brittany’s mosquito netting was my personal favorite of the night. I sincerely question whether they let her look into a mirror before leaving the event; someone on her team is obviously out to get her.

Have a Heart. Did you know that Today is National Wear Red Day? Me neither. Apparently  “today is the day when millions of Americans recognize the dangers of high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease by wearing red in commemoration of American Heart Health Month.” Sounds like a worthy cause to me, so I’d suggest you comply to the American Heart Association and don your scarlet to those fancy plans of yours this evening, or as Charu of the Butterfly Diary suggests, wear true red lipstick. Oh, you say live in the Midwest and will thus be snowed in? Then why not honor the holiday instead by cooking up some juicy fried chicken, cheeseburgers and fries and then only using RED ketchup to adorn them? Seems applicable enough.

Great Debate. If you’ve ever had to defend the validity of fashion to a stubborn nay-sayer, you will very much appreciate Arushi’s post, “Why I Hate People Who Ostracize Fashion.” It’s such an informed argument that while reading I kept getting the urge to write talking points on my hand with which to accost my boyfriend later.

Yourself it Do. Lilly of Lilly’s Roses gives insight on creating a semi-homemade (what up Sandra Lee!) iteration of Chanel’s Jade nail polish. She adorably constructs the post as a classic science experiment, which unfortunatly for me is a catalyst to terrifying flashbacks of my 8am Geogoloy Lab in college. I still shutter at the mention of a tectonic plate. I digress.

Have a weekend’s worth of fierceness!

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