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Holy cow, it’s almost February.  And we know how quickly that mini-month goes by, so really, it’s almost March, which I have no problem considering as Spring, so it’s BASICALLY almost warm outside!
Right??  Anyone?  No…?

Alright, it’s still winter.  But one thing that isn’t completely depressing and happiness-hiding about it is that you carry a handbag all year long!  So, while you may retire your boots in Spring, your jackets in summer, your flip-flops in Fall, handbags flow through all weather, sticking with you while you don your winter wardrobe.


So how do we feel about guys carrying bags?  I mean, it’s not like any man boy in his right mind would carry an actual handbag, but some bags offered to men seem to be pushing it a little.  I’d prefer my guys ponder not what shape, size, color, and season their bag should be, but rather, “Can I fit all my stuff in it? Will my hands be free to shoot guns and wrassle aligators? Awesome.

When it comes to my thought process behind deciding on bags, I can go for hours.  It’s a big decision.  And it’s always helpful to get insights from your frans! (Jessica Alba and I?  Totes bests.)

Another bestie of mine is Her Highest, Ms. Stefani Joanne Germanotta.  I just wish all my friends came in Barbie form.  Then I’d always have a plaaaay daaaate.

And you wouldn’t buy a skirt without asking your friends first if it looks good on you.

(Ten points if you can finish the next two lines after that quote.)

I don’t know if you caught this update on twitter, but ho.lee.cow. What the awful IS that?

Speaking of awful, I found something pretty impressively facepalm-esque over at our girl Winona’s blog.  (Insert “i can haz” reference here.)

No.  Winona is amazing.  She keeps us laughing with photogs of some amazingly bad fashion, and we love her for it.  She’s a giver that way.

Thanks for reading.  Keep it real, rockstars.  (I feel like a new anchor with that sign off.  You stay classy.)

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