Weekly Blogosphere Round-up 6

Week: over.  We had some amaaazing things going on here at Handbag Heaven, and we’re so in love with all our amazing Black Friday and Cyber Monday customers!

Among other things, here is some cool stuff we happened upon this week:

1. Denim on denim is a rough combination.  Can’t say I’ve seen it done well until this point.  But Reece does a pretty fantastic job of combining two denim pieces and staying as adorable as always.

2.Kay, I’m a fan of big bags.  Actually, it’s a requirement, and I’m a bit snobbish about it, but that’s a sidetrack; don’t worry about it.  But I’m not entirely sure if I could commit to a bag I could carry a runway model in.  That…yeah, that might be pushing it.

3. Let’s not talk about Miley Cyrus’s tattoos. Let’s talk about Taylor Swift and her high-fashion debut in the New York Times!  I’m not a huge fan (though I did want to punch Kanye in the neck after that VMA nonsense), but I feel personally proud of her for these shots.  She’s gwowing up so fast…

4. And now, a personal letter to…a good friend of mine:

Dear Louis Vuitton,

Thank you.  Thank you so much for halting the emblazonment of your logo all over your bags.  I understand that it was a big seller, and one, at times, does need to succumb to what sells.

But we’ve had enough.

Now, while I do appreciate your trek into foreign territories, for one must take the path less traveled by, when the time is right, I’m just not sure I follow your new vision, sir.  Yes, the rich will always want to wear fur.

But may I inquire as to how you decided to attach the nether regions of a fox to the side of a bag?

I leave you with one parting thought: I mean, REALLY??

Just looking out,

Have a bomb weekend!

PS Yes, that is BryanBoy sitting two down from Anna Wintour the Great in his header in that fox link.  Shop’d?  Maybe.  But still awesome.

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  • Reply Liza December 9, 2009 at 2:23 pm

    it was only a matter of time before T. Swift figured it out and started modeling. She’s 5 foot 11, blonde, and semi-famous. It’s a perfect combination.

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