Weekly Blogosphere Round-Up 3

Busy week, girls.  Lots of contest entries, and we’re loveloveloving it.  Keep ’em coming.  Here are some cool things upon which our internets allowed us to stumble this week:

So Posh.  I didn’t know this girl had any interest in bags aside from her umpteen Birkins, but apparently, Victoria Beckham is adding bags to her line.  Should prove interesting.

Beautiful on the inside.  Designer Marcel Wanders (what a great name!), known for his impressive mixing of aesthetics and eras, will soon launch his discount line through–where else?–Target.  twofingerpokedanceofexcitement

Karl for Prez.  Do want!  It’d be like having a fashion Vladmir Putin on your desk every day.  No more frumpy Fridays allowed, for fear the man himself actually is watching.

Stop. Okay, this is just disgusting.  I can’t track down the name of the “designer” who decided thiswas a good idea, but that’s real meat, folks.  Gag.  Just stop.

Expensive Coloring Project. You can now add some flair to the iconic (Carrie Bradshaw, anyone?) Fendi Baguette with this DIY kit.  Huh.

Have an awesome Halloween, errrbody.  Hey, if you have any Halloween-themed bags, you should definitely post a picture to our facebook page.  Doooo it.

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