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Wednesday Q&A: Winona of Daddly Likely

Our guest blogger this week is the fabulously funny Winona of one of our favorite fashion blogs, Daddy Likely. If you haven’t check out her corner of the blogosphere, you’re missing out! This girl is truly hilarious and we may or may not have some serious girl crushes on her. Read on to find out why.

closet-confidential-bookQ: How do you explain your personal style?

A: I love clothes that are comfortable and classic with a retro vibe. But I also love neon-colored tanktops and thick-knit Peruvian knee socks and overalls (sometimes all at once). My daily style reflects my mood and my attitude, so it varies a lot from day to day. I love creating outfits that express my personality, and I’m also a huge fan of accessories (huge accessories, especially).

Q: Purse style?

A: As I mentioned before, the bigger the better. Sometimes I wish this wasn’t my purse style, because I’ve lost many important documents and family heirlooms to the deep abyss that is my giant handbag, but I think the sacrifice is worth it.

Q: What’s in your purse, always?

A: I love this question so much that I actually dedicated a good five pages of the book to it. The random aggregation of items in my purse includes half-eaten protein bars, a pedicure kit, and a Catholic prayer card (I’m not Catholic), but you can always count on finding a mini notebook, my wallet, every receipt I’ve amassed since 2006, and approximately 400 bobby pins. And never my cellphone, because I always forget it.

Q: What advice would you give someone struggling with which handbag to choose?

A: Take your lifestyle and daily needs into account. If you lug around a laptop, several library books, and your gym clothes to work everyday, you’re going to need a large, comfortable tote bag, while low maintenance gals might be better served by a small satchel. Keep in mind where you’re carrying it as well–will you be clutching your purse to your chest on a crowded subway, balancing it on your handlebars to bike to work, or just tossing it in the back of your car? And it may sound cheesy, but I’m a true believer in handbag intuition. When you slip the right bag onto your shoulder at the store or get a glimpse of it online, you’ll just know it’s the one for you.

Q: Why did you write Closet Confidential? I.e. What was your inspiration?

A: I was so excited to have the opportunity to write a fashion book that was fun to read and accessible to every woman of every size and every budget. As a reader, I was bored and annoyed with most of the options in the style section at the bookstore–rather than inspiring me, these books mostly made me feel poor and bloated. Getting dressed every morning can be such a fun, creative, empowering start to the day, and I wanted to help remind people of that.

Q: For whom did you write it?

A: My goal was for this book to be informative to women just getting into fashion, entertaining to women who have always been into fashion, and inspiring to everyone in between. I actually dedicated the book “to every woman who’s ever had a full closet and nothing to wear,” because haven’t we all felt that way sometimes (or, like, everyday)?

Q: Describe your book in one sentence.

A: Smart, funny fashion book for smart, funny fashionable women!

We are so excited to announce that we’ll be giving away FIVE copies of Winona’s amazing book, Closet Confidential. We’ll post contest deets later today!

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