Wallets, Wallets, Wallets!

Why should purses get all the attention? It’s equally as important to find the perfect wallet, don’t you think? Your wallet is holding all the REALLY important stuff in your purse, anyway – you know, that credit card, wad of cash, and license you want to keep safe! There are so many different types of wallets out there, so obviously consider your own personal needs and fashion sense when picking one out. But don’t forget to consider your current bag, too! Let’s address the “matching purse and wallet” debate, because we see the appeal of both sides. Contrasting wallets and bags can be super cute, as long as the pieces complement each other well. For instance, a neutral animal print bag with a vibrant, colorful wallet can be a fun combo! Just make sure the 2 pieces don’t look gaudy together. But for those of you who don’t like playing match-maker, we think there’s nothing wrong with coordinating your bag and wallet to a T. It’s an easy way to look sophisticated and perfectly put together.  Here are some of our favorite combinations from our site – check them out, or get creative with your own matches and let us know what you come up with so we can share with others!


Giraffe Print Canvas Tote


Giaffe Print canvas Wallet


Emily Patchwork Bag


Emily Patchwork Wallet


Bermuda Dawstring Tote


Bermuda Wallet

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