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Vanessa Carlton: First Album In 4 Years

Generally, when an artist disappears for years then releases a new album, it becomes their magnum opus. They spend weeks upon weeks coming back to themselves and tearing down walls and Vanessa Carlton is no exception. Two weeks ago, she released her latest effort “Rabbits on the Run” four years after her last endeavor “Heroes & Thieves.”

Vanessa Carlton Rabbits on the Run

Editorial reviews have been mixed. According to metacritic.com, the album’s average score is 72 with its most positive review from “Entertainment Weekly” (83) and its least favorable from the Boston Globe (60). Ethereal and less than forty minutes long with songs that are more personal than poppy, the range is understandable.

Fans, however, stay true. On Amazon.com, “Rabbits on the Run” has 12 5-star reviews, 3 4-star reviews and 3 3-star reviews.

“Her idea to use tape-recording [has] gotta be the best move she has ever made,” Annie Feng says, “especially when it comes to an album with only 10 songs.”

She goes on to describe the music as “simple” and “repetitive” but also “dreamy” and filled with “child-like innocence.”

Here’s the music video for her first single “Carousel.”

Vanessa Carlton – Carousel music video

What do you think? Is Vanessa better than ever?

Here’s a photo of Vanessa from a few years ago wearing a gray dress with black accents.

Vanessa Carlton red carpet

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