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Top 3 Ways to use your Handbag on Black Friday

The lovely Charissa of Fashion Trend Spotting was kind enough to deliver two fantastic posts worth of Black Friday shopping wisdom. This week, Miss Charissa tackles the topic of just how to best use your handbag on a post-Turkey Day shopping adventure (aside from its obvious function as weaponry).

Black Friday is only days away and if you’re like most Americans, you are either stoked and waiting at your computer for the Black Friday deals to be leaked, or you’re already planning to sleep in and avoid it at all costs.

Hopefully you plan to put on your shoppin’ shoes (that’s what us Southerners call them) and grab your handbag that has the most room inside and head to the malls!

**Note to men: If you are in the dating or engaged stage and this is your first time to visit her side of the family for Thanksgiving. Yes, it would woo her to no end (and her mother, sister, and aunts) if you offered to tag along and carry bags. However, you might get beat up by dad, brother, and uncles. You see, Black Friday isn’t a typical stroll through the mall. It’s more like a shopping mall wrestling match and the only way to win, is to shed a little blood. Just trust me on this one…spend time with the guys (instead you can take part in Black Friday by buying her something online – check out these great Black Friday deals For Her from eBillme), let her do her Black Friday thing, and don’t ask how much she spent ;)

Ok ladies back to YOU! As I said above, there are two important things you need for Black Friday – Shoppin’ Shoes and a Good Handbag with a lot of room!

I want to focus on the Handbag in this post. (Check my next post for picking out good Shoppin’ Shoes).

Here’s how your roomy handbag can work for you this Black Friday:

1. Stock it with Snacks.

  • You will need snacks like peanut butter crackers, mini bottles of water, or beef jerky packed away in your bag.
  • When you are shopping and fighting through the crowds it will take a lot of energy out of you and you won’t realize it.
  • And if you get to the mall at 4 a.m. (as you should), by 8 a.m. you’ll be sniffing out lunch! Grab and open spot on a bench and eat a quick snack, take a swig of water, and you’re off for phase 2!

2. Categorize your Coupons

  • Spend time the night before clipping those coupons! Even if you are like me, and hate to keep up with coupons, Black Friday is the day to use them!
  • Divide them into category, alphabetical, by store, whatever works for you.
  • Put each grouping in a separate envelope and label the envelope.
  • Keep them in order in your bag so you can search through them easily.

3. Stuff your Bag.

  • As you’re shopping, you can easily drop your smaller purchases into your bag to help keep your hands free for coupon pulling!
  • Of course, the bigger bags will need to be taken out to the car as you get overloaded with bag after bag.

The most important thing is to HAVE FUN and realize that you are saving a TON by taking part in Black Friday.

Next week: How to dress for the big day!

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  • Reply Sherry November 24, 2009 at 10:20 am

    Thanks for these wonderful tips. I was just about to give up on even trying. But now that I’m armed with my handbag full of treats and coupons I’m raring to go.

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