Too Many Handbags; Too Few Closets

Hey, handbag lovers everywhere! Do you have a handbag in every color? How about day bags and night bags? Totes and clutches? You’ve got the purse you like to take to the lake, the one that’s big enough to stuff some books in when going to classes and the one you wear out at night but you can only fit the necessities into: cell phone, wallet, keys and chap-stick. Yes, despite what your boyfriend might tell you, having this many bags IS necessary. You never know what occasion might arise and you need to be prepared. But where do you put them all? We don’t all have closets like Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City, so here are some space efficient ways to store your handbags.

  • Do you have extra luggage? That stuff takes up some room. But how about being efficient and putting some purses inside your luggage? This will keep your purses safe and clean. Also, be sure to stuff some tissue paper in that bag before storing it away so that it keeps its shape.
  • Buying hooks for your closet wall is also an option. You can hang them up and then in the morning when you go to find the right purse to match your outfit, your options will be hanging. However, this isn’t the best option and I would do this for totes and messenger bags, but not those designer handbags since it could provide strain on the strap.
  • Do you have any extra shelves? Lining them up on a shelf is a very good way to store handbags. If you don’t have extra shelf space though, a canvas hanging shelf can be bought at an affordable price.
  • You could also stash those bags in your drawers. Three-drawer carts can be purchased for less than  $20. This would be an optimal place for clutches or smaller bags. You can just line them up in the drawers.
  • Sort by color. You know those Matryoshka dolls. Where you take apart one doll and there’s a smaller one inside; and this continues until you have a set of dolls ranging in size? Picture this: your biggest red bag with a smaller red bag inside and then a smaller one and then a clutch! All you have to do is know the color bag you want and then you’ll know exactly where it is! You could also sort them by season or size and put them in plastic totes that can be put under your bed or in the top of your closet.

For more information on handbag storage, see our content page about maintaining your purse’s condition while in storage.

I hope you found these hints helpful for those of you who aren’t blessed with ginormous amounts of closet space. How do you store your handbags? Are there any space efficient ways I didn’t mention?


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  • Reply Kelly September 12, 2010 at 12:36 am

    I have way too many. There are not enough days in the month for the amount f handbags I have. I absolutley love shopping for them. I get real excited when I’m near handbags. I would love to review one for you at Handbag Heaven.

  • Reply Diane September 26, 2011 at 3:47 pm

    I have so many I could open a second hand handbags store!! I agree that its not easy to find some place to store all ..but I do have a coat hanger with many hooks and I can tell it helps a lot I have some in my closet too and some others that I do store in a huge plastic box ( I separate them by seasons = ie. :) Spring- Summer ones …. Fall- Winter ones )
    If this can help ! ;)

  • Reply Diane September 26, 2011 at 3:49 pm


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