Taylor Swift is Growing Up

Taylor Swift has managed to maintain a pristine image ever since her 2006 rise to fame. When she first broke onto the scene with her debut self-titled album, she was just a sweet 16 year-old with diary-like songs she wrote herself. The songs remain the same style, as surely some of her songwriting targets like John Mayer will lament, but she has drifted away from the typical dress-with-cowboy boots that dominated her early style:

Country star Taylor Swift in an early ahoot

She loves her cowboy boots. If not cowboy boots, pumps or sandals, but always a dress. Plus it’s interesting to see her at such a young age.

However, Taylor has aged, and it’s nowhere more apparent in mature shoots like this one from Glamour Magazine. Imagine her wearing that oversized bow when she first debuted.

Country Star Taylor Swift

You have to remember: Taylor Swift is 21 now. She’s got “grown-up” style: just look at that silhouette. It’s hard to imagine her going on picnic, guitar slung over her back.

Check out some of the purses Taylor carries to complete her formerly-a-schoolgirl-but-growing look:

Taylor Swift with a turquoise satchel

If you like that metallic turquoise leather, check out our Melie Bianco Hobo–it’s the same shape and shade, with a big bow on the front. Perfect for a country girl at heart.

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