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Staff Review: Roxanne Ruffle Hobo

Similar to kittens and tiny dancers, this bag just begs to be held close.  The Roxanne Ruffle Hobo has always been a quiet love interest of mine, and I can’t even put my finger on why, exactly.

black hobo bag

"You don't have to put on that red light."

It could be the size. The Roxanne is big enough to house every “daily necessity,” with room to spare for things like, you know, snacks, PlayDoh, or that collection of wrenches you use for self defense.  But with the inverse height-to-strap-length proportion, the hobo bag doesn’t look too big.

It could be the material. You haven’t felt soft leatherette until you’ve felt this bag.  Not only is it eyes-wideningly smooth, it has a thickness to it that just draws  your dirty little hands all over it.  If any bag could be appropriately described as “luscious,” this would be the one.

It could be the simplicity. Free of zippers, studs, color, pattern, and external pockets (save for one in the back), this simple, black hobo bag is perfectly minimal.  But I’m not talking about your mother’s “minimal.”  There is nothing boring about this bag if you appreciate the detailing it does have.  The doubled-over strap is a welcomed change over thin straps that start to dig in after a few hours of antiquing.  And the waved seaming along the front is an understated cool.

The Roxanne isn’t one to immediately draw attention.  But when the attention has been attained, it’s caught.

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