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Staff Review: Maria Canvas Tote

Not all purchases are made because the buyer thinks they will last forever.  I’m not going to pretend those teal five-inch stilettos are supposed to be timeless.  But in the case of the Maria Canvas Tote, some items are meant to stick around for a while.

nautical canvas bag

the patent makes it "naughtycal"

This nautical bag is perfect in so many ways.  It has a simple shape with which no one can find issue, and the detailing is life-completing.  Now, there’s not a lot going on, but the details that are there are classic and fully appropriate.

Available in either black or pink embellishment, the Maria’s main feature is the canvas.  And this isn’t one of those boring canvas bags snobbily carried around by the in-your-face “eco” crowd.  It’s actually cute.  Really cute.

The cool, patent material balances the simplicity of the canvas, a combination unmatched in the race for fabulous nautical fashion.

Not only is the tote about the sweetest casual bag you could ever hope for, it has a little, matching clutch to go with it!  You cannot resist the perfection.

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