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Staff Review: Madison Messenger Tote

I don’t like pink.  I really don’t.  For me to find something in the girliest of hues that doesn’t make me want to turn and run, it takes a verrry careful combination of elements.

pink tote bag

perfection, a la pink

However, I have found the perfect pink handbag, and I want to shout from atop a mountain.

The Madison Messenger Tote is the ideal bag, because it’s sturdy without being rigid, and it’s simple without being boring.  The combinations of either the ballerina pink and the soft white or the tough black and the fearless green make for an obsession-worthy bag.

Consistently, the Madison has been every Handbag Heaven staffer’s favorite pink bag.  Not only that, I am actually currently trying to talk myself out of purchasing it.  I don’t need it right now.  I really don’t.  …I really …don’t.

Sorry.  Sometimes, it takes a village.

black tote bag

rohk stah

Hefty in size, this simple messenger/tote bag is ideal for stuffing with a day’s worth of necessities while you trek through town all summer.  I love that there is just one outside pocket so I don’t feel the need to pack every pocket full of makeup, nail polish, extra jewelry, PlayDoh…you know, things I don’t really need.

While the exterior stays simple, the floral interior is enough to make even the most hardened handbag lover smile.  It’s alright, Beckham.  I won’t tell anyone I saw your teeth.

The Madison Messenger Tote will quickly become the favorite tote or messenger in your rotation, so whether you’re looking to rock the black and green or wish to carry the pale pink in reverent memory of the days when you thought you were graceful enough to be a ballerina, this big ol’ bag’s for you.

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