Staff Review: Leopard Print Pleated Bag

This is the bag I’m not supposed to love.  Why?  Because it’s an animal print.  And I don’t like animal print.

huge leopard print bag

forbidden love

But the Leopard Print Pleated Bag makes me do that scrunched-shoulders, talking-really-fast, weird-scratchy-voice, wobble-side-to-side thing people do when they just love something so much.

Oh, you guys don’t do that? … No, it’s fine.  Never mind.

Whenever I start talking about this leopard print bag, I start gushing.  I’ll try to keep it succinct.

First, it’s huge.  This bag is THE perfect size for day-to-day or when you take a weekend outing on the boat.  I think its size is what makes the print okay.  Because its not afraid to be oversized and in-ya-face, it’s proving the animal print is not tacky–it’s chic.

Second, the leatherette is really soft in a world where animal print bags are easily plastic-feeling.  This is a necessity.  The pleating of the fabric adds enough visual interest to keep the bag from looking plain, yet the lack of extraneous detailing sticks with the chic, less-is-more vibe.

Third, the handles are extremely ladylike, which, though it may not be the most convenient set-up, I adore.

Fourth, it’s huge.  I already said that.  But I’m telling you.  This bag is awesome.

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