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Staff Review: Elgin Studded Handbag

There are things in life one just needs.  I’m not talking about water, eats, et cetera.  I’m talking about those items–be they shoes, a Land Rover (Discovery, not the LR2’s, of course), a certain someone’s face–one craves without reason.

neutral studded clutch

silly amounts of studliness

As soon as I saw the Elgin Studded Handbag, I needed it.  The shape and size is perfect for carrying in-hand and under-arm, but what’s amazing is the versatility of the style.  To me, the Elgin is meant first for clutching.  But with two included straps, the clutch can be worn over the shoulder, across the body like the tiniest messenger bag you’ve ever seen, or (brace yourself) around the waist.

Yep.  This studded clutch also works as a hip bag, a fanny pack, or even… a chaos pouch, if you will.

It’s a good thing the Elgin is so hip.

The front flap of the bag is covered in color-paired studs that form neat rows, keeping the look tidy, despite the multitude of studdery.  Or studliness.

dark studded clutch

the hippest.

Available in two neutral color options, the leatherette feels really thick, and is face-rubbingly smooth.  It’s a very specific feeling.  It just means you’ll probably want your pretty face to get a feel of the clutch too.  With over 100 studs (yeah, I counted) and the plush material, this bag is a bit weighty for its relatively small size.  But I kind of like it.  As usual, I like my bags’ presence, so the more I feel, the better.

I wouldn’t call this studded clutch perfect, life-completing, everything you could want in clutch/hip/cross-body bag form, or even a permanent and consistent smile-inducer, but… I won’t object if  you do.

It’s small, but it’s FIERCE!

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  • Reply Lisa August 4, 2010 at 4:02 pm

    Absolutely love it, especially the lighter color. The perfect neutral for any season, and the studs are killer.

    And I agree with you about a weighty bag—I like to feel exactly where my bag is without having to lift my arm up to make sure it’s still attached to my person!

    • Reply Terryl August 4, 2010 at 4:33 pm

      Exactly! My bag’s not just kind of ttthhheerrree. It’s HERE. And its presence is crucial.

      Both colors are the picture of perfection in person, but I agree; the creme is my favorite, because you can wear it with so. much.

      Thanks for commenting :)

  • Reply Angie August 12, 2010 at 10:13 pm

    A very unique name for a very unique, maybe even FIERCE, bag.

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