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Staff Review: Chelsea Envelope Clutch

In league with healthy tans, big clutches are one of my favorite contradictions.  A clutch, by definition, should be small.  Small enough to, you know, clutch it.  But even when I’m carrying a clutch, I still want it to be present enough that forgetting it on the table at the restaurant is not an issue.

If clutches are the most accurate manifestation of the term “handbag,” it may be appropriate to call the Chelsea a ribbag.  Or maybe an underside-of-bicepbag.  I suppose it could often be a handbag, but I immediately put this guy under my arm as soon as I hold it.

It just fits there.

oversized clutch

underside-of-bicepbag. catchy.

The sheer size of  the clutch makes me happy, as I am all about big handbags and accessories, and the colors are just the cherry on top.  The extra pump of caramel, if you will.  The grey is perfect, because everything grey is perfect.  The orange and yellow are bright enough to be fun and poppy, but do have a slight undertone to them.  The yellow is a mustard yellow, and the orange is slightly burnt.

(So that’s the theme: burnt mustard and grey poupon.  Don’t pretend like it doesn’t sound delicious.)

Condimental connotations aside, this clutch is beautiful, large, and very ready to accompany you on outings from shopping to the dance hall.  (Insert “I like my clutches like I like my men” joke.)

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