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We are adding a new weekly segment to this blog that will introduce one of our social media fans, whether that person be a Twitter follower or a fan of us on Facebook. Be sure to check back weekly for a Q&A section with our chosen fan of the week. And who knows, maybe we’ll choose you next!

Meet Angela!

Handbag Heaven Social Media Fan of the Week

Angela is a fan of ours on Facebook and browses the Handbag Heaven store often. She is a mom, a wife, obviously chills with Chuckie Cheese and is also a handbag lover!

1.) Twitter handle?

2.) What is your personal philosophy on fashion?
Clothing does not make the girl, the girls makes the clothing.

3.) To which celebrity’s style would you compare your own?
I like to think I have a style like Demi Lovato. I am a busy mother and wife so Converse shoes and a pair of jeans will do on any day, but I can also play it up with my girly side on nights out with my hubby or on a girls’ night out.

4.) How often do you switch handbags?
I switch handbags so often that my husband already knows to ask which bag I am taking before we leave the house.

5.) Do you prefer large handbags to store everything in or are you a clutch/small purse person?
I prefer large handbags during the day. I pretty much carry my life around which includes the charger for my Blackberry and a Nintendo DS for my kiddo. I prefer clutches at night to hold just the essentials like drivers license and cash.

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