Practical Handbag Choices for Wedding Favors

Today’s guest post is from Jesse, who gives us the male perspective on handbags as wedding favors. Have you seen handbags used with wedding parties? Let us know in the comments!

kissing couple cake topperPlanning a wedding is a lot harder than it looks. When I got engaged, my fiancée and I decided that we’d split the duties of wedding planning evenly. Unfortunately for me, that means choosing wedding favors and gifts for our wedding party. Anyone who’s been a bridesmaid or groomsman knows the gifts can range from awesome to awful. When one of my buddies got married last summer, he handed us all flimsy-looking pocket knives. Mine broke into pieces during the reception when I tried to use it to open a bottle of beer. I guess it’s the thought that counts, right?

Shopping isn’t my favorite thing, but my honey promised that shopping online would make the mission quick and painless. We wanted to give our friends practical gifts, something they could use beyond just the reception. For my fiancée, that means giving her bridesmaids cute handbags.

Every woman’s style is different, but a tote or clutch that complements more than one outfit is a valuable item (as I’ve learned from my fiancée’s massive purse collection). After a few tries at picking handbags on my own, I was steered toward bags that are simple and stylish. My own knowledge of purses and handbags is much more limited than my fiancée’s, but I think my eye for fashion is getting sharper.

For daytime or the work week, canvas totes appear to be in style. A bag with a fun flowery pattern works for the office and for shopping trips. Clutches with a bit of flair or an eye-catching fabric are great for a night out, or an everyday catch-all for days when a larger bag might be too unwieldy to carry. The difference between day and night bags is a new concept to me, but it makes sense: if a woman is going out to dinner and dancing, why would she carry a big hobo bag? And if she’s heading to a business meeting, she’d need a purse or tote that can hold more than just a wallet and makeup bag.

We narrowed down our choices to two bags: a neutral-colored canvas tote and a glittery clutch with a removable strap. After spending time looking for wedding gifts for my fiancée’s bridesmaids, I feel like I have enough experience to get my future wife a pretty good handbag for our anniversary. Wish me luck.

Need some more help finding the perfect clutch for a wedding? Here are some more great finds from Handbag Heaven:

bow woven clutch

Ada Woven Clutch

The Ada is a lovely gift for your ladylike friends. The bow detail and woven texture remind us of Jackie O, and you just can’t get any classier than that!


metallic floral handbag

Alex Metallic Floral Clutch

What’s more romantic than a wedding? This floral clutch evokes a touch of romance and elegance with a metallic sheen. Your bridesmaids would love this tote, and it looks gorgeous paired with several colors!

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