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Olivia Wilde is a Wildly Busy Woman

You know Olivia Wilde from House as Dr. Remy Hadly, or Thirteen (as Dr. House first calls her). She works beside Hugh Laurie, who plays Dr. House. You also may have heard about her on the movie Cowboys and Aliens. There’s a trailer out for the new movie that exposes a nude Olivia in her new role as an alien fighter/cowgirl. The Iron Man director, Jon Favreau, comments on the nude scene, “That’s a moment in the film that may seem out of context, but actually makes a lot of sense in the course of the movie.”

Olivia Wilde in Cowboys and Aliens

Cowboys and Aliens is a science fiction western movie that Olivia stars in with Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford. The series focuses on a wild frontier in the 1800’s that is invaded by aliens. Think it’s weird that they’re combining cowboys and aliens into one genre? I do, too, but there’s good reason for it according to Favreau. “There’s a level of fun, but that doesn’t mean we have to wink. The characters aren’t having fun, but the audience is. We wanted to maintain the integrity of both genres, and focus on a specific aspect of the alien genre which mostly revolves around the films of the ’80s that I grew up with,” says Favreau.

Olivia Wilde at festival in Hawaii

Besides fighting off aliens, Olivia is busy doing other things as well. She was recently seen in Hawaii with no makeup, baring the bare face look on a balcony at her vacation spot. The critics had all good things to say about Olivia’s clean face. Even she  can pull off a semi-cute look while having no makeup on, so there must be hope for the rest of us.  She wasn’t on vacation, though. Olivia was in Hawaii for the Maui Film Festival at the Celestial Cinema on June 16 where she took awards home such as the Shining Star Award. According to Just Jared, Olivia won the Shining Star Award for her “many magnetic performances both behind and ahead of her,” the festival said in a press release. Olivia and actress Maria Bello executive produced Sun City Picture House which won the documentary short category.

Olivia Wilde with Maui Film Festival award

Olivia Wilde style

No matter what the gig is, Olivia Wilde always brings her A game when it comes to fashion! She is also a model which means her appearance must always be top-notch style. Handbag Heaven thinks Olivia could use a stylish handbag to go with all of her hot outfits! But this ensemble in particular needs a spice of life that isn’t purple! We think Olivia could do one better. She should rock our new Millie Bow Clutch! It’s a more flattering color for this pretty jumpsuit! It is sure to show off her fashion sense for sure. It’s a steal for under $25 so get yours today!

bow clutch

Photo Credit: Sociallite Life, MTV Style, Gamma Squad, and Celeb Press

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