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No more Robert Pattinson? Twilight’s Rosalie Hale Engaged to American Idol Star Paul McDonald

The Twilight saga has become one of America’s most-watched movie series. It’s most commonly popular among young women, but certainly not limited to them. With all of the talk about Robert Pattinson, I often forget there are women in the movie. How could I be so silly?  The only girl I am always aware of is the famous Bella because so many people ask if my niece Bella was named after her, but she definitely wasn’t. Nonetheless, Rosalie Hale — Edward’s adoptive sister — is also part of the vampire drama! Rosalie is played by actress Nikki Reed,  who is engaged to American Idol contestant Paul McDonald, who made it to the top 8 this past season — many are scratching their heads at this odd pair and their quick engagement.

Before Nikki dated Paul, it was Twilight’s Robert Pattinson who she dated for just a short time. Although Paul doesn’t have a record deal just yet, Nikki has been helping him look for a new gig. Paul has been writing songs in her honor. Maybe he thinks that will get him a deal? I don’t know if that’s going to get the job done.

After less than 2 months of dating, the two announced their engagement. Wow, I think the amount of dating time should be multiplied by 10, at least by 5, but who am I to judge? If it’s TRUE love, we tend to know sooner than later if that person is marriage material. But I won’t be the one to call that shot.

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