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New Merch’ Monday: Victoria Lace Satchel

black lace detail satchel handbag

Ladies who lunch. This is the constituency to which I first assigned this bag. But upon closer inspection, a few other probable activities came to mind.

Ladies who…

…sprinkle a splash of rock n’ roll on the regular.

…sometimes wear shoes that hurt their feet simply because “‘it’s worth it.”

…welcome incessant questions regarding where they got their (insert article of clothing).

Feature presentation. This bag’s texture is made of matte black leatherette covered in intricate black lace. Basically, this carrier is about as unique as they come in appearance and feel. The complex working of materials lends an automatic air of expensiveness. I plan to tell people I found it at a couture courtier in Paris. I bet you five bucks those “ooos” and “awes” would come faster then you can say made by hand.

Carry me. You can carry the satchel handles in your hand or snuggly on your elbow. You also receive a longer detachable strap for days when you need to be hands-free. The satchel has a full zippered closure as its top and is lined with black fabric. Smaller items can be stored and accessed quickly via its one zippered pocket and two open top pockets. The wide opening allows you to easily find items that drift to the corners of the Victoria. Thus, no black-hole-itus.

Pairing. Since it’s black, color consideration isn’t a big concern with the Victoria; you can wear this with any color. And yes that includes navy and brown. Fashion rules are for suckers. You do want to think about texture combos though. Since the Victoria’s texture is strong, aim for flatter materials in the rest of your ensemble; i.e. don’t wear lace pants – not that you ever would.

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