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New Merch’ Monday: Terryl Woven Messenger Satchel

woven messenger bag satchel

le ombre

This bag took a second look.  The Terryl, though beautifully named, did not stand out to me, initially, as a bag I just needed to have.  But coming back to it, I began to see all its greatness.

The Terryl Woven Messenger Satchel has the best of both worlds: it’s a messenger bag, and it’s a shoulder bag.  And it’s super comfortable in both roles.

As a shoulder bag, it slouches nicely under your arm, and isn’t too huge, making it a perfect everyday companion.  The leatherette is surprisingly smooth, and it reminds me of the cool side of the pillow when I put my arm down on it.

You know what I’m talking about.

Doubly at-home as a messenger bag, the Terryl just loves to be next to ya fanny.

And that has nothing to do with the bag’s namesake.  *pointsatself*

woven messenger bag satchel


Because the long strap is made of a thicker, woven material, one needn’t be afraid to lug everything possibly needed for a wilderness trek in there.  The Terryl can handle it.

Aside from being well-constructed, this bag comes in two rock-solid colors: black and tan.  Now, I’ve never carried a black bag before, but the lack of “hey, look at my boring black bag, I take myself so seriously” quality of the Terryl is intriguing.  Perhaps it’s the weaving along the bottom and straps.  Perhaps it’s just boho-cum-rocker enough to attract my chameleon eye.  (Not like, literally a chameleon eye.  I have human eyes.  Chameleon eyes are sick.)

And, of course, the ombre action of the tan brings out my old hippie self.  Either color is a go, really.

So what do we think?  Gonna show the Terryl Woven Messenger Satchel some love?  (I enjoyed typing “the Terryl” throughout this post, by the way.  It’s like that.)

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