New Merch’ Monday: Serena City Satchel

Serena City Satchel

Serena City Satchel

Blame it on my long-held obsession with fashion or my  preference for magazines over heavier literature (literally and figuratively), sometimes, I admit, I judge a book by it’s cover.  Though according to my mom this is probably not so great in regard to the greater scheme of things, it’s very helpful when shopping! At a glance, I can tell what works,which brings me to this week’s new arrival…

One look at the Serena City Satchel and I was sold. The words that came to mind when I saw it: expensive and luxurious. Why, you ask? First, the color is stunning – purple is the hue of royalty, no? I know I want to be queen. Second, the exterior is butter-soft with the subtlest croc-embossment. I would be shocked – and impressed, might I add – if you didn’t mistake this for real leather. Third, this little lovely is brimming with details usually reserved for bags with tear-inducing pricetags.

The cinched exterior is not only beautiful, but functions to extend the bag’s size when loaded with your “necessities” – you know, those ten tubes of lipgloss, two water bottles and that umbrella. The braided handle is a fabulous touch, and long enough to fit snuggly over your shoulder. As a former NYC dweller, I feel this feature could be adventagous in the not-getting-pick-pocketed department. Yes, that is how my mind works.

Serena's Serena City Satchel

Serena's Serena City Satchel

And last, I can’t resist…any Gossip Girl fans out there? No? Well, just in case. I could totally see Serena toting the Serena around on a melodramic Upper East Side shopping trip with Blair!

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