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New Merch’ Monday: Leopard Print Pleated Bag



Every so often, a person comes across something that completely changes her perspective, something that makes acceptable–desirable, even–what was previously ruled-out.

I don’t do animal print bags.  Never have, never will was going to.  I think they’re tired.

Enter: The Leopard Print Pleated Bag.

Holy animal print.  I am IN LOVE.  This bag does animal print the right way.  With the color fading from creme to brown and back, the all-over print cleverly avoids being too much.  The pleating along the opening of the bag helps tone down the print, as well as gather attention.

(Get it?  Gather?  Because they’re pleats.  Pleats are gathered fabric.  Alright.)

::: grrrowuhll :::

::: grrrowuhll :::

What I find interesting about the bag is the way the leopard print should be the point that draws your attention, yet I feel it’s the detailing that does that, instead.  The print is noticeable, yes, but the pleating, hard plastic handles, pegs on top of the bag, and the vintage bubble shape hold much more of the overall appeal of the bag.

And I haven’t even talked about how gloriously gigantic this thing is.  Your apartment is going to start getting jealous of your new bag with all the stuff you’ll be taking with you every day.

I am not sure I would use the shoulder strap, as the handles hang a little awkwardly, but I guess you could rock it with that “eh, who cares?” vibe, you wild hipster chick.

Peering in, I am delighted by the polka dot interior (cute lining is SO important, and you know it’s true), and I think you may even be able to use the Leopard Print Pleated Bag as a laptop bag.  You might have to slide it in sideways, but I just got my 13-inch MacBook in there.

It’s about determination.

Anyway, I think you should pick up a Leopard Print Pleated Bag and let me know how you love it.  I was thiiiiis close to getting it, but I decided against it, so I would love to hear what I’m missing out on, if anyone decides to get one!

And if you don’t get one, what do you think of it?  Too much leopard, or did I convince you that the details balance it out?  Let’s hear those thoughts!

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