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New Merch’ Monday: Hudson Oversized Clutch

Well, I’ve found it.  Perhaps the most perfect clutch you could ever hope to own: I found it.  The Hudson Oversized Clutch is perfect, and I will tell you why.

This isn’t your grandmother’s clutch; the Hudson is ready and willing to hold much more than just your keys and lip gloss.  At eight inches tall, this clutch extends from under your arm to the crook of your elbow (when said elbow is crooked, of course), which is a totally chic clutch size.

large black gold studded zipper clutch

clutching perfection

I can almost envision a more simplified life where I fit all my daily belongings in it and carry this beauty as an everyday bag.  But…then I remember my extra two pair of sunglasses, my giant VOSS water bottle, my dear, dear pocket Constitution, and I am brought back to my haul-carrying reality.  le sigh…

With three exterior zippers, one zippered and two open-top interior pockets, the Hudson is chocked FULL of itty-bitty spaces for you to fill with necessities and pictures of that child you’re sponsoring from a third-world country.  Or, you know, with candy.  (Everyone utilizes their compartments differently!  I’m not here to pass judgement.)

nautical interior bag clutch

cutest. interior. ever.

The exterior pockets are slightly smaller, which is fine, as the interior is something of a clown car, with how much stuff it can hold.  It MAY be the awesomely striped fabric, but I haven’t confirmed its actual effects on the visual investigation of interior holding capacity.

This bag is just studded enough to be punky, but not too punky to achieve a “dangerous” look (though, yes, Black Eyeliner Girl, I’m sure you CAN make it look dangerous, just as long as you pair it with your parachute pants from 2001 and your favorite spiked dog collar).  The zipper on the top flap is asymmetrical, yet balanced by the neat rows of studs, showing the thought that went into the design.

Wristlet-capable, for those times you have to actually do something with your hands, the Hudson has just about everything you could need, including the cutest interior you’ve ever seen.  I know I already talked about it, but I thought I’d touch on it twice.  It’s seersucker-striped, except it’s black and white.  There is NOTHING BETTER than that, I’m telling you.

My conclusion is that the Hudson Oversized Clutch is likely the greatest clutch you will ever own.  As I described to my good friend, it’s a shining beacon of clutch perfection in a sea of boring, medium-sized clutches.  Without going overboard, I feel comfortable in stating that one is, perchance, incomplete without the presence of this bag in one’s life.  The choice is yours.

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