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New Merch Monday: Grace Motorcycle Clutch

The Challenge: to be fashion forward.  When everyone is trying for a look that stands out, finding a piece that speaks for itself in saying “I am unique” can be a tough feat.

But I have good news, you are at the right blog spot, at the right time. After one look at the Grace Motorcycle Clutch, this challenge is oh so achievable.

First, the blend of soft, violet-grey coloring lends this clutch a chic, glam-rock vibe.  The easy-to-open clasp at top (always a classy look) is just another amazing edition to what this clutch’s offerings.  And of course, the bag is adorned with tiny silver studs, which in my opinion, are what truly make this bag.  A silky, polka dot lining can be found inside the clutch, with zippered pockets to store credit cards, lip gloss — you know, the important stuff.
The Grace Motorcycle Clutch speaks for itself and with this darling, the person next to you will be thinking where did she get that?  Whether you’re out for a lunch date or at a fabulous party, believe me, heads will turn.

And hey, let’s say an amazing man (whether it’s your hubby, or a broodingly handsome stranger) asks you for a dance.  No problem, the Grace Motorcycle Clutch comes with a detachable handle, along with a longer chain handle that allow you to easily transform this hand held beauty into either a shoulder bag, or a dangling wristlet.

Dazzling, edgy, glamorous, rockstar and only $39.95 — those the the facts. You know what to do with them.

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