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New Merch Monday: Eva Messenger Bag

The Eva Messenger Bag proves to be one more item with which to top off your spring fashion list.  I’m not typically one to jump on the quasi-Bohemian bandwagon and wear cross body bags on the regular, but when you combine this bag’s thin shape with its impeccable storage possibilities (perfect for folders and books), it’s an offer that even I can’t pass up.

For starters, Eva’s neutral taupe color and golden hardware makes choosing its ensemble-counterparts easy, which is always a plus. Its hue steers clear of boring though; the bag offers a pretty floral print interior as a special, for-your-eyes-only bonus.  It’s essentially a smaller version of a traditional messenger, making it inherently easy to carry. Check and Check.

Part of the reason I haven’t always been a fan of messenger bags is because you have to wrap them around your body in that awkward diagonal way, which, let’s face it,  just doesn’t always feel natural.  However,  the Eva Messenger Bag’s long adjustable strap allows you to wear the bag at a length and position perfect for your person .

It’s a rare occurrence when I’ll change my purse preferences, so this bag definitely deserves some extra attention. In looking at the side photo of the Eva Messenger Bag, it becomes clear just how thin this carrier really is.  The deceiving frontward appearance is a little crazy, I know.  Throw frequently handled items in the two zippered pockets and two open top pockets.  This makes shopping or errand-running a cinch.  Check all those reasons-to-love off of your list as well.

Now, don’t you think it’s about time you hop on the Bohemian bandwagon and get yourself an Eva Messenger Bag?  Check!

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