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New Merch’ Monday: Ebisu Felateia Duffel

blue duffel stud bag


You know those products that just seem to have everything you could ask it to have?  The Ebisu Felateia Duffel happens to be one of those products.

With soft-core studs, pleats (good for bags, not for pants), three gorgeously subdued color options, a matte finish, and some serious heft, this bag IS A GO.

The studs are adorable, because they’re really big, but they’re round and flat.  I actually am hesitant to call them studs, because they’re so not-punky.  Nevertheless, they are metal, add some toughness and dimension to the bag, and I shall call them studs.

Pleating is a great way to add texture to a bag without adding pattern, and these pleats aren’t. messing. around.  In combination with the cool buckle detailing on the side, these kinds of details balance the size of the bag well, making it seem less duffel-y.


But the amount the Ebisu Felateia can hold… totally duffel-y.  This bag is perfectly huge.  Works great as an everyday bag, but also has a secret life of weekending.

The three color options are to die for, with robin’s egg blue, rustic brown, and creamy off-white, and the matte leatherette is smile-inducingly soft.

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