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New Merch’ Monday: Bryce Studded Rock Bag

CMG-9900BlackFrontI’ve been stud-crazy as of late. This new obsession may be rooted in my attraction to shiny objects and the olsen twins. However, after some self psycho-analysis, I’ve decided there’s something more here. Throughout my life, I was the goody goody type — a characterization I’ve tried to dismiss but now accept as truth. Studs are characteristically associated with punk, goth and rock and roll sub-cultures, groups also associated with rebelliousness. Put it together and perhaps studs are my own form of mini, subconscious departure from my sit-at-the-front-of-class, student-council-treasure, cry-if-I-got-a-B+ self! Who needs Dr. Phil?

Whether studs are a physiological icon or you just like a fun and easy way to toughen your look, our new Bryce Studded Bag will win any stud-lover’s heart. The leatherette is beautuflly athunetic-looking, and its shape is long and lean, which means you can dump the kitchen sink into its main compartment and the Bryce won’t look bulky. It’s rectangular shape is also perfect books or files. The bag’s size is big, but not silly-big. Check out the vid below for a better idea.CMG-9900BlackBack

The top openning of the Bryce secures with a zippered closure. You’ll find black lining inside, as well as two open top pockets and one zippered top pocket. This zippered pocket features a lovely heart zipper pull — a great touch of contrast to the hard-edge exterior.

Another favorite bag for me, without a doubt. If you love it too, I’d suggest you get it quick. The black version this lovely was a best seller and is now discontinued! What can I say, studs are where it’s at.

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