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New Merch Monday: Bella Ruffle Satchel

Bella Ruffle Satchel from Handbag Heaven

What do you think of when you hear the word bella? Does your mind immediately jump to images of sparkling vampires and hunky wolves? Are you transported across the Atlantic to the Tuscan countryside where everything around you is molta bella? Or perhaps, do you begin to dream of the most beautiful handbag you’ve ever seen? Personally when I hear the word, I picture myself walking down the streets of Florence with Jacob on one arm (sorry, Team Edward) and the exquisite Bella Ruffle Satchel on the other.

This beautiful satchel has everything you could possibly look for in a handbag. The ruffles and gold detail give off a sophisticated, flirty look that can be dressed up for evening or dressed down for daytime. The creamy leatherette is reminiscent of a vampire sparkling in the sunshine and it will stick with you through thick and thin, not unlike a trusty werewolf.

Inside the bag is a striped lining that evokes images of colorful Italian clothing lines blowing in the Mediterranean breeze. Tucked within the lining is a zippered pocket and two additional pockets to hold all of your essentials and then some.

In the words of the Italians, questa borsa è molto bella!

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