Meet the Handbag Heaven Team!

As you read the Handbag Heaven blog, you may be curious just who’s behind all this fabulous insight into the world of  fashion and handbags. Well, we’re going to kill that curiosity. Read on for an introduction to the Handbag Heaven content team!


Meet Sarah

Hey guys! I’m Sarah. You may recognize me from our Twitter and Facebook accounts, but my favorite part of working for Handbag Heaven is styling looks with a warehouse full of bags. Seriously, I am in Handbag Heaven – no pun intended- when I’m scoping out our new arrivals and digging through giant boxes of fabulous-ness. When I’m not writing or styling for Handbag Heaven, I enjoy cooking with my husband, pinning via Pinterest {it’s a serious addiction}, blogging on my fashion blog, and {naturally} shopping!

Meet Beth

Hey there! I’m Beth, the newest addition to the Handbag Heaven crew. My friends consider me a bit of a tech nerd, but I like to think of myself as more of a digital media princess. You know, like a Disney princess, but with less singing and more tweeting…  Born and raised on the music of the Beatles, I’m naturally drawn to anything with a retro or vintage flair. I’m a firm believer that you can find inspiration everywhere you look (yes, even in your handbag!) and my favorite part of being on the HH team is getting to share my finds with such an awesome fashion community!

Meet Nate

Hey ladies! It’s nice to meet you. I’m Nate, and like you, I find myself wondering what a guy like me is doing writing about handbags. But I know it’s sometimes useful to hear a guy’s perspective on your style, so I’m happy to offer as much help as I can. As far as fashion goes, you readers keep me on my toes – I’m always learning more about the fashion world. (Who knew there were two fashion weeks each year, not one??) BUT I’m not completely out of my comfort zone –  I pursued art in school, dabbled in architecture, and studied with Italian fashionistas for three months while studying abroad, so I know a thing or two about the elements of fashion. My favorite bag? Whichever makes you feel awesome – confidence is everything.


Stay tuned for exciting things to come on this blog, including more DIY features and fun fashion extras. Drop us a line on our  Twitter and Facebook accounts – we’d love to chat with you!

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