Lost Your Purse?

lost purse and wallet

Wait don’t tell me…You did it again, didn’t you? You were out enjoying your night on the town and left your purse somewhere.
So now what?
Here are some crucial steps to re-locating your purse and protecting your identity…
If you remember where you left it…

  • Go get it! Call ahead and ask a manager, bartender, server, someone to grab it for you before it gets grabbed!
  • If it’s after hours and they place is closed…Then call and leave a message with your name, phone number, description of the purse and tell them when you will be back to get it. If they have no answering system, then, if possible, leave them a note on or under the door or in their mail box.

If you don’t remember where you left it…

  • Re-trace your steps and call the last few bars/restaurants you visited and ask if they have seen it. Leave a name and phone number in case it turns up.
  • Cancel your credit cards. If you haven’t found your purse yet, the last thing you want is a $3,000 worth of charges from the person who took it…
  • Call your bank account and put a hold on your account. Explain that your purse was stolen or lost and that you want to freeze your account, or even change your account number.
  • File a police report. Letting the cops know your purse is missing will help with identify theft if this later becomes an issue.
  • If you had cash in your wallet…sorry Charlie. It’s probably gone if someone picked up your purse, as well as your phone, keys and any jewelry inside.
  • If your phone was in your purse, call your cell phone provider and discuss with them the options you have when replacing your phone and disabling the old one.

Other tips…

  • When you head out for a night on the town, try to avoid using a purse! Carry your cash and ID in a pocket, sock, bra or where ever you feel most comfortable.
  • Use a wristlet and keep the loop around your wrist.  This makes it difficult to set down, leave and forget, especially when its attached to you.
  • Slim down your purse. Only keep the essentials inside. Leave credit cards, your camera, jewelry, bank account card, checks, etc. at home. That way, if you lose it, hopefully all you’re losing is your driver’s license and some cash.


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