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Leighton Meester: Looks for Less

Any Gossip Girl fans out there? Whether you are or not, it’s still hard not to know who Leighton Meester is. With the new season starting soon, Leighton will once again be joining you and your girlfriends in your living room once a week. One thing I love about her is how she seems so down to earth. She sings country music and was born in Texas. I mean, sure, she makes a ridiculous amount of money and is taking her mom to court. Fine, she’s a TV star, wears designer clothes, and carries her puppy on planes…maybe she isn’t a simple girl after all. But that doesn’t mean that’s not what her style screams. Leighton is able to say it all with a simple dress and a handbag. Who can pull off such a simple look and still make it look good?

Leighton Meester maxi dress

Am I right, or am I right? Nothing too extreme, but she still looks great! Wanna try this simple look for less?

Leighton Meester style


[sunglasses: Sunglass Warehouse: SW Celebrity Style #511: $14.95]

[handbag: Handbag Heaven: Saturday Studded Bag: $53.95]

[dress: Delias: Crochet-back Floral Dress: $19.99]

Let’s try one more. Again with the simplicity. How does she do it?

Leighton Meester street style

Leighton Meester style

[dress: Romwe: Sexy V-Neck Grey Blue Dress: $16]

[handbag: Handbag Heaven: Audra Floral Tote: $44.95]

[scarf: Scarves.net: Solid Colored Pashmina: $12.95]

[flip flops: Old Navy: Women’s Classic Flip Flops: $3.50]

 Tell me, will you be tuning in on September 26 for season 5 of Gossip Girl? I have to admit I’m already roped into yet another season. What with the return of Georgina, Vanessa selling Dan’s story, Lily under house arrest, Serena in LA, con-artist Charlie, the mysterious positive home pregnancy test, and Blair’s wedding planning — shew!!!

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