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Kim Kardashian’s Look-Alike

Kim Kardashian and her look-alike Melissa MolinaroHave you seen Old Navy’s newest commercial with the highly talked about Kim Kardashian look-alike? If you have yet to see it, the ad features a pop group called The Audio Threadz who sing about how cute they look in their Old Navy clothing. The main female vocalist, however, has many Kim fans re-watching the commercial in confusion.

The nearly exact replica, Melissa Molinaro, is a Canadian-born actress and  singer who is fooling everyone with her similar hairstyle and dress attire. As the actress dances her way through scenes involving a supermarket and a dentist office, she evokes many of Kim’s gestures and poses. Melissa seems to be stealing some of the spotlight from the real Kardashian sister.

Not to worry though, Kim is also making a splash in the headlines with her own personal news. She recently announced that she does not plan on having any children in her near future. Kim and her new boyfriend Kris Humphries are perfectly content with where they are in their lives.

Kim may have a look-alike, but she still is able to create a style that is completely her own. While out in New York, Kim sports a glamorous trench coat, matching heels and an oversized black leather bag. For a similar style, The Uptown Handbag offers the right amount of pizazz to your outfit. This bag features similar silver embellishments and a leatherette exterior, plus it comes in an array of different colors. You too can become a look-alike with the help of this bag!

Kim Kardashian

With Kim’s doppleganger making the headlines, people are beginning to wonder how Kim will react to the commercial. Do you think Melissa and Kim are mirror images of each other?

Photo Credit: news.lalate.com, cottenkandi.com

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  • Reply Radiant March 1, 2011 at 12:02 pm

    I think this is hilarious! So Kim Kardashian has a lookalike who’s got more talent in one finger than Kim has altogether? I think she should watch out! I don’t even know why Kim Kardashian is famous, she doesn’t DO anything! But if there is someone else who looks like her but can actually sing, dance and and act Kim’s days in the spotlight might be numbered! And I for one am glad! :-D

    • Reply Tiffany March 4, 2011 at 2:25 pm

      I agree, I think this is funny also! I guess Kim has such a good fashion sense that people want to look like her! Although Melissa Molinaro does seem to have a lot of talent, which will definitely give Kim a run for her money!

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