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Jennifer Lopez Presents The Chosen

Forget animal print scarves. Last week, Jennifer Lopez wore an entire snake print outfit to the 2011 Summertime Ball.

jennifer lopez snakeskin outfit

E! Online asked readers to declare if this was a fashion “whoa!” or a fashion “no.” Among big love and lots of sass, one user under the alias Voldemort says, “So that’s what they did with Nagini” (ba-dum tsss).

Whether or not this skin suits your fancy, no one can say J-Lo is slacking. On top of joining the “American Idol” judges panel for the show’s most recent season, Jennifer and her hubby Marc Anthony have a reality-tv show in the works called “¡Q’Viva! The Chosen.”

According to People.com, J-Lo and Mark will travel with “tour-director-to-the-stars Jamie King to 21 countries across the Americas” in order to find the “world’s most extraordinary talent.” But before you roll your eyes and ask how this is different than AI, listen to this: there are no auditions. Instead, the trio is “literally being guided by the people,” Anthony says (according to People).

Lopez hopes this will lead them to “places people wouldn’t normally look, where all of this rich talent lives and wouldn’t normally be discovered” (i.e. “clubs, bars, dance studios, underground dance halls, and festivals in villages, towns, and cities”).

“We’re going to do our best to make the most amazing show the world has ever seen,” she says.

But wait! There’s more: J-Lo also has a new perfume “Love and Light.”

According to Fragrantica.com, the seventeenth scent in her collection is “glittering and floral-woody” with a flacon that “accentuates a woman’s curves.” Premiering July 2 on HNS.com, Fragrantica.com reports J-Lo “will share with the readers her stories on global trends in beauty, inspiration and creations, as well as on her private life and [career].”

With all this attention, this writer thinks J-Lo can afford to drop a few jaws and turn a few heads. So why not up the ante with this vegan snake skin clutch? With a rhinestone clasp and velvet interior, this clutch adds glam to any outfit – get yours today!

snake skin clutch

photo credit: E! Online, New York Daily News, Fragrantica.com

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