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Is Your Mom’s Style Sexy?

Upon coming across post-pregnancy shots of Gisele  last week, I found myself wondering if motherhood elicits a departure from physical sexuality. In other words, should all moms dress like third grade teachers, complete with baggy sweater vests, pleated khakis and chunky loafers with one inch heels? Or is it appropriate for moms of the world to show some skin a la our dear Gisele over there?

gisele in herve leger post-pregnancy Some might argue that it depends on the mom. If she runs in a circle of women that routinely dress scantily, it seem more likely that sexy style would become her norm.

Or perhaps it’s an age thing. If she’s a relatively young, like Jessica Alba for instance, her closet might still be stocked tight dresses and short shorts. Also, physically, this mom might not fit the matriarch stereotype.

It also might depend on the level of sexy she puts forth. If she’s showing some leg, but the chest isn’t bare, perhaps the sexiness isn’t so noticeable. If she’s wearing Hervé to a PTA meeting however, this could stir some talk.

Despite the first sentence of this post, I do want to make a distinction between sexy and stylish. The words definitely aren’t synonymous; one can be plenty stylish without looking in need of a sweater.

My mom? I think I can safely say my mom is not the sexy type. And it would probably make me a bit uncomfortable if she were, to be quite honest.

Does your mom ever dress in a sexy way? What do you think of it? Also, I’d love to hear your two cents, moms out there.

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  • Reply Kimi April 24, 2010 at 1:10 am

    It is absolutely okay for moms to dress sexy. I mean , most of us don’t so much in our day to day lives, but on those special occasions or when we get the chance to go out, you bet! We may be moms, but we’re still women.

    • Reply Bridget April 26, 2010 at 8:26 am

      Great way to put it, Kimi. No women (that I know of!) dress sexy 24/7, so the special occasions point makes total sense.

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