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How To Clean Your Handbag

Savannah Cargo Bag from Handbag Heaven

Savannah Cargo Bag

I don’t know about you, but when I wear a handbag, I really wear it. At first I feel fabulous sporting a brand new bag. I carry it with pride. But after a while, a few nights on the floor, a few parties and perhaps a run-in with the trunk of my car it starts to look dingy. Does anyone else have this problem? Well, I’m going to assume that you’re nodding your head, and tell you how to clean your handbags, whether you want to know or not. HA!

1. Most importantly, follow any care instructions that came with the purse.

2. Take everything out. Once the contents are out, shake the purse out to cleanse it of any dirt or debris. If you’re like me, the purse will have crumbs, pencil lead and a lot of other miscellaneous items. (because I’m kind of gross)

3. For fabric purses, have them dry cleaned or hand wash them in warm water with a gentle detergent.

4. For leather purses, use leather cleaner. ATTENTION: Most of Handbag Heaven’s bags are leatherette. Do not use leather cleaner on leatherette bags. That could damage the exterior of your handbags.

5. Wipe vinyl or plastic purses with a clean damp cloth.

6. Silk handbags? Dry cleaner’s trip, for sure.

For special tips on cleaning leatherette handbags from Handbag Heaven, see this blog. For future reference to keep your handbag clean, be sure pens are capped before storing them. Keep your makeup in a makeup bag and stash snacks in Ziploc baggies to avoid crumbage.

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